Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Special Treats

My 10 Christmas Treats
  1. Gingerbread Lattes
  2. Mince Pies with Cheese
  3. Christmas Candles (especially Sparkling Cinnamon)
  4. New Pyjamas
  5. Boxing Day Sandwiches (with lots of salt, mayo and crispy lettuce)
  6. Playing Board Games (every year me, my mum, my brother and anybody else who fancied it used to have a running game of poker all Christmas Day)
  7. Bucks Fizz with Lox and Bagels for Christmas Morning Breakfast
  8. Christmas Bedding and Linen (all as cheap as chips but I love my reindeer pillows)
  9. Merry Christmas...from complete strangers
  10. All the wonderful Christmas Music (I restrain myself until December and then it is all Phil Spector all the time in our house!)

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