Thursday, 29 November 2012

Baby Blanket Number 2

So this is the blanket I made for a very special Canadian/Libyan/Welsh/Mancunian baby who was born this summer. It is the 2nd ripple blanket I have made and it was much better than my first one. Sorry Baby number 1!

This is it while making. I absolutely loved the process of making this blanket. It took about 30 mins a row and I made it bigger than the 1st too after seeing how quickly babies really grow. I can't give specifics I am afraid as this actually got goven away in the middle of the summer when the baby was born. Sorry!

It is made with Special DK again and has very similar colours that Lucy at Attic24 and Heather at Little Tin Bird use. I am massively inspired by these 2 women who use colour beautifully and create lovely, snuggly things. Looking at it now it could really have done with some kind of border. I learn every time I make something. 

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