Tuesday, 13 March 2012

This can't be March?

This is amazing. The weather is so warm and beautiful. Me and mum have been in the garden all morning is t-shirts. The sun has been warming and life affirming. We have put in a hedge (well it will be when it grows a bit), moved a big plant out of the raised bed into the back of the lawn and moved the chives and parsley back into pots. Mum had planted the herbs out but I have decided to put them back into pots so I can move them to the back door if I need them.

When we were working on the garden last year we dug a lot of water retention compost into the beds. It has made such a difference to the soil. There are so many worms and the soil is super rich. Hopefully it all makes for brilliant vegetables when the Rocket Garden goes in later this month!

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